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De Haan's Bus and Coach, an age old tradition, with an innovative edge!











For over 50 years, De Haan's have been known and trusted for outstanding quality and excellent service.

Offering a wide range of exceptional vehicles and custom made solutions, you chanel replica sale will definitely find what you are looking for on our showroom floor.

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Changing times

After more then 50 years of ownership by chanel replica uk De Haan's family, De Haan's have been sold to MCV Egypt. MCV is a very large and established bus and coach manufacturer which supplies all sorts of vehicles to many parts of the world. MCV has breathed new life into our company, with various new products being in the process to be introduced.

This take over enables De Haan's to move forward from strenght to strength.

Read more about MCV on www.mcv-eg.com

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