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In 1951 the de Haan brothers Luit and Nicolaas, the founders of De Haan's Body Works were entrusted with the task to build six replicas of the Zeederberg coach for the Jan van Riebeeck Festival in 1952. One of the original coaches was housed in Johannesburg museum. From this coach the brothers took the measurements to make drawings and templates.

They had chanel replica sale learned the craft of wagon-making from their father in Holland. The difficulties that Luit and Nicolaas encountered in their use of authentic materials rolex replica sale and methods of manufacture is an interesting story in itself but with their craftmanship the replicas were finally indistinguishable from the original.

Zeederberg coaches were used extensively between Cape Town, Kimberley and Johannesburg in the hey days of the diamond and gold rushes.

Luit de Haan founded the company De Haan's Body Works (Pty)Ltd. fifty years ago.

Today his sons, Peter and Andre de Haan, are directors of the oldest bus and coach building firm in South Africa. After thirty years at the helm they continue to uphold the standard of craftsmanship that was passed down from father to son.

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